Xbox Indie Game Helping to Fight Breast Cancer

Xbox Live Indie Game developer Silver Dollar Games is probably best known for shameless titles like Try Not to Fart, Office Affairs, and Fortune Cookies in Bed. Saying they churn out releases wouldn’t be uncalled for. At least all of their games are only a buck, and they do have a charming one every once in a while.

Help Fight Breast Cancer is their latest game, and while it’s definitely not one of the charmers, it does take a charitable approach. All the profits for the game will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. That’s one dollar for everyone who buys the full version.

Whether that’s enough to compel you to buy it is another matter. The game quizzes players with 30 questions related to breast cancer. The initial focus is on male breast cancer, probably Silver Dollar’s attempt to nab the attention of its general audience.

A girl reads off the questions in an onscreen video. She even claims she’ll give you a hug if you finish the game, but she’s a liar. She’s also quite possibly the most dull host of a quiz game ever.

I’m a bit torn on what to say about this game. Yes, it’s for a good cause, but your money would be better spent simply donating a dollar to a charity and then grabbing You Don’t Know Jack.