Xbox Announces The Dashboard


8th, 2001


has recently revealed their latest addition to the Xbox package – The
Dashboard. We already hear your question.. What the heck is it? What is it
good for? 


just a couple excerpts from what the Xbox gurus at have had to say
about this exciting new feature:


Team: "Anyone who has owned a game console knows that they have built-in
support for changing settings (like language, audio, and video) and managing
saved games.  Of course Xbox has to have this support…after all we not
only have Xbox Memory Units, but also work with High-Definition TV and
advanced audio like Dolby® Surround Sound. With Xbox, we took the same
approach to this as we have with all other aspects of the system: 
powerful, elegant, fast, and no compromises!  The result is the Xbox
Dashboard, the brainchild of three incredibly talented guys — Victor Blanco,
Brad Christian, and Jim Helm.  These three guys have been working since
the very beginning of the Xbox project to design and build an interface which
does everything you expect a game console to do, plus a few surprises that
you’re going to find extremely cool."



some shots of the Dashboard in action:


you may already know, the Xbox will have a hard disk to help you organize all
your save games, just like a computer. Sounds like it could get a little
chaotic, right? Never fear…


Team: "Since you’ll be able to keep thousands of saved games on the Xbox
Hard Disk, we’ve made sure that finding the title and saved game you want is
easy and fast.  Every game you play will be listed, and the saved games
for that title will be organized simply under the title itself.  Moving
games to a Xbox Memory Unit, deleting, an copying can be done from this area
of the Xbox Dashboard (shown here with some sample files from the Xbox
Development Kit)…"


some of the other features to be included in the Dashboard? You will be able
to play your favorite games to music of your choice, play DVD’s, and adjusting
your settings to your heart’s content!