Xbox SmartGlass to be incorporated in all future first-party titles

Though it can be rightly argued that most games are not, in fact, "Better with Kinect," Xbox 360 gamers have grown accustomed to seeing the purple banner graced on their box arts. If Microsoft's E3 2012 press briefing was any indication, the push for their coveted peripheral shows no signs of slowing down. However, it may need to move over, as Xbox's SmartGlass is to be incorporated into every future, first-party Xbox 360 title. 

Speaking to Joystiq, Phil Spencer, Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, confirmed that Microsoft Game Studios will be making the move when the feature hits this fall: 

"It just makes so much sense for a developer who wants to supply, maybe not time-critical information, like 'that enemy is getting ready to shoot you,' but information that augments what's happening on screen," Spencer says. He used last year's Halo Waypoint Atlas app, which offered multiplayer GPS tracking, as an example of how SmartGlass features could share additional game information without hampering the moment-to-moment gameplay. "And then you're even going to see situations like with Ascend, where there's actually gameplay that happens on the phone, even when you're away from your television and that interacts back with the online game that's happening. So I think you'll see information sharing, context sharing while you're in the room, with video and with games, as well as gameplay happening in more distributed environments."

For those of you who missed this year's press briefing, SmartGlass acts as a hardware-less feature in your everyday tablet or smart-phone that can be used in a variety of in-game ways. For instance, Microsoft showcased Madden 13 using SmartGlass. You'll have the ability to create and call plays on your tablet using SmartGlass, and that will actually carry over onto what you're seeing on your TV screen. It's an intriguing feature that with either revolutionize Xbox 360 gaming, or simply be another "app" that's used by a select few. 

Source: [Joystiq]