Xbox Series X|S – Official Next-Gen Walkthrough Video

Two weeks until next-gen starts

Next-gen is just around the corner. And to prepare eager gamers, Microsoft released a walkthrough for its Xbox Series X|S for new users. Watch the 14-minute video below!

Microsoft is always one step ahead of Sony when it comes to all things next-gen it seems. Big M revealed the Series X first, games, and then the price. How fitting then that the entire user experience for their new consoles also comes before Sony’s.

An extensive new walkthrough goes over pretty much all important aspects prospect next-gen gamers on the Xbox should know about. Because if there’s one thing we learned about the new systems, it’s that they are more evolved than ever before.

Backward compatibility, expandable high-speed storage, quick resume, and so much more. There really is a lot to look forward to and learn.

The video quickly goes over all of these important aspects. Furthermore, it’s shown live which gives a really nice appreciation of the console’s speed and functionalities. One thing that still impresses after seeing it so many times, is just how fast you get into a game. The new NVMe SSD really is a game-changer in the literal sense of words.

Obviously, Microsoft is touting a lot on backward compatibility. A signature feature the team over at Xbox excels at. The first look we get is Gears 5. A current-gen game that shines in new light thanks to free next-gen upgrades. 4K resolutions, 60fps, and more detailed textures directly from the high-end PC version stand out.

Similarly, Microsoft also showcases the brilliant Auto HDR feature. This allows older games that don’t natively support richer colors and modern TV features to be automatically ‘patched in’.

But there’s of course new games as well. Dirt 5 showcases the Xbox Series X massive power with framerates of up to 120fps. An insane achievement that even on PC is not that common.

Last but not least, we also get a nice look at the new design of the user interface after Sony showed its. A lot of work has gone into it which manifests in snappy transitions and generally pleasant time. The walkthrough talks about a lot more, like the newly designed controller, expandable storage, Xbox mobile app, and more. So, we highly suggest watching the entire video.

The Xbox Series X|S launches November 10th.