Xbox’s Halo television series to debut in fall 2015

The newly revealed Halo 5: Guardians won't be your only Halo experience in fall 2015. 343 Industries confirmed today that the Halo television series is also expected to make its debut in fall 2015. Of course, both of these dates could always shift depending on circumstances. But for now, the latter half of 2015 is looking like a great time for Halo fans.

The Halo television series was first announced on May 21 at Microsoft's Xbox One reveal. It's being created in collaboration with Steven Spielberg as executive producer on the project, and is described as "a series that will stand alone, as well as complement and enrich the game experience."

The Halo television series is just one of several Xbox Originals planned for the Xbox One in an attempt to make the system more of an all-in-one entertainment device.