Xbox One will limit developers with ‘Gamerscore cap’ on new Achievements

One of the more intriguing features of the Xbox One is the ability to allow developers to add new Achievements to existing games after the title has already been released. According to Microsoft, developers will be able challenge gamers with additional Achievements "every week." Not only will this create something new for gamers to work towards each week, but will hopefully encourage them to hold on to a game for a bit longer rather than just trading it in — if the Xbox One will allow that — after they beat it.

Xbox One program manager Chad Gibson explained the reasoning behind dynamic Achievements and how Microsoft plans on managing the system.

"We're seeing people get all 1,000 Gamerscore in the first two weeks, and then still be playing that game two months later," Gibson said. "We want developers to offer Achievements and interesting things to do long after a game ships. You could be playing a game for a year and get a couple thousand Gamerscore because the developer is adding new Achievements every week or every month."

To ensure that Achievement hunting doesn't get too out of hand, Microsoft will have restrictions in place to limit the amount of new Achievements and Gamerscore a developer can add in a certain period of time.

"Developers won't be adding 10,000 Gamerscore a day," Gibson assured. "The cap is, developers have Gamerscore they can spend every month. We don't want to overwhelm gamers."