Xbox One vs PS4: The Twitter battle paints bleak picture for Microsoft

As I've said numerous times, the best way to gauge consumer interest in your product is to turn towards social media. Sites like Twitter and Facebook provide a nice generalization as to what the masses are thinking and in the case of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, consumers are digging the PS4. This, of course, is nothing new to us, but social media analysts Leadsift has put together a nice little infographic painting a lovely social media battle between the two next-gen consoles.

The figure that stands out that Twitter data indicates the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One by a ratio of 2:1. In only two weeks — dates not mentioned — 398,756 tweets were made about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Of that, 253,182 people tweeted about PS4, compared to 145,574 for the Xbox One. Furthermore, out of 12,210 people, 7,701 people intend to buy the PS4, while just 4,333 people intend to buy an Xbox One, according to tweets.

Taking things a step further, Leadsift found that Xbox One had two times the number of negative mentions than the PS4. And in a somewhat startling figure, the company found that people looking to buy either a PS4 or Xbox One are two times less likely to be married compared to other consumer electronics. Good thing I just got married or I'd be doomed.

Microsoft released a slew of trailers today showing off the Xbox One's capabilities, but Sony has practically matched them trailer for trailer. Both consoles are said to be sold out for launch, but the battle will surely last for much longer than the initial release. It's going to be a long lifecycle for both of these consoles, so hold on to your butts.