Xbox One’s Watch Dogs gameplay video caught using PS4 footage

Oh Microsoft, why do you do this? Just when things are beginning to look up for the Xbox One, Microsoft goes and commits another slip-up. The latest comes in the form of a new Xbox gameplay video for Watch Dogs. The problem? The footage used is captured from the PlayStation 4 version of the game. D'oh!

In the video, which has since been removed upon this discovery, you can clearly see the PlayStation's button commands instead of the Xbox controller. It didn't take long for users to realize this and cause a massive uproar among gamers.

In all likelihood, this probably has more to do with the way Watch Dogs is being marketed. As a tie-in with PlayStation platforms, most footage for the game has been shown on the PlayStation 4 platform.

If anything, this fiasco has more to do with simply piling it on Microsoft. You know, because the internet loves to hate the Xbox One.