Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility library of original Xbox Games won’t be as big as Xbox 360

Not as easy to do as Xbox 360.

With all of the excitement and relentless positivity that surrounds E3 every year, inevitably reality doesn't end up matching what we have in our heads when we first hear or lay eyes on the next big announcement. Microsoft's announcement of Original Xbox games coming to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program was huge, but unfortunately, we may need to temper our expectations on what is possible going forward.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer appeared on Giant Bomb's E3 live show a few days ago and admitted that the OG Xbox game library wouldn't be as large as the Xbox 360's. When asked, he said:

"It won't be as big as Xbox 360, I'll tell people that."

There are two primary reasons that Spencer cites for this.

  • Rights are tougher to lock down.
  • The technical process is more extensive.

As of right now, only Crimson Skies and Fusion Frenzy are the known games to be coming to the program, so if you're expecting to pop in that copy of the original Halo when the program launches, you may want to dial down that expectation meter until we get a confirmation.

Source: [Giant Bomb via Gamespot]