Xbox One on sale for $299

Go get it!

If you don't own an Xbox One already, you might want to grab your wallet because it's available for $299.99 right now. If you were to purchase the Xbox One right now from another retailer you'd probably be paying somewhere around $350.

Shop Rite Delivers is offering the Xbox One for $50 under its current MSRP. That's a pretty good deal. There are limitations, of course. You can only purchase one Xbox One at a time and the stock is limited. As of writing this 386 units are available.

This deal does not include the Kinect, only the Xbox One console, controller and cables. It's not a game bundle either, so, you can put the savings of $50 towards a game. After taxes and shipping your order will come out to something around $325 (depending on where you live), which still saves you money!

Go grab your Xbox One here!

Thank you for the heads up Shandy!