Xbox One graphical performance could get a boost in future patch

Looking to improve the Xbox One's graphical performance, Microsoft is reportedly willing to change the restrictions placed upon the console's GPU. According to "gaming insider" Pete Doss (via Hot Hardware), Microsoft is thinking of relaxing GPU requirements for the Kinect in order to achieve the desired results.

Currently, the Xbox One reserves 10 percent of its total GPU power for the Kinect: 8 percent for video and 2 percent for voice processing. The change Microsoft is contemplating would free up that 8 percent to be used for actual gameplay, with just 2 percent remaining for the peripheral's voice processing.

It's unclear exactly what sparked the alleged change of heart for Microsoft, though the GPU restrictions placed upon developers have been a subject of scrutiny in the past. Perhaps it was the recent release of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition which many agree performs considerably better on the PlayStation 4. The game runs closer to 30FPS on Xbox One, while pushing 60FPS on PS4.

The changes aren't expected to bring the Xbox One on par with the PS4, though it could help the system achieve a more steady frame rate. As explained by the website, the human eye is more likely to notice and be bothered by fluctuating frame rates than by a steady stream of fewer frames per second.

There was no real timeframe for when we can expect these changes, though if true I'd expect Microsoft to act sooner rather than later. Getting crushed in graphical comparisons by the PS4 will only hurt the system's sales.