Xbox One also offers remote game download

The Xbox One, like its PlayStation 4 competition, will also support downloading while you are away from the console. Microsoft's Marc Whitten took to Twitter to confirm the feature not long after Sony revealed the ability to turn on your PS4 remotely and begin downloading games you purchase through your mobile device.

"Of course you can download while you are away," Whitten said. "#xboxone – Always up to date, always your console. The beauty of low power mode!"

Microsoft has already confirmed that in its lowest power state, the Xbox One uses only 1/2-watt, which is less than about a half of a cent. So if you're the type of person who works 9-to-5 and wants the games ready to go by the time you get home, you may want to take advantage of this low power state.

Whitten added, "All marketplace items can be downloaded. You won't have to worry about updates – they'll download w/out you having to care."

It should be noted that the Xbox LIVE Marketplace has been rebranded as the Xbox Games Store.