Xbox More Searched than PlayStation in Bing, Google for 2011

Bing has released the Top 2011 Searches from people who use the popular search engine and Microsoft's Xbox is the winner.  The most searched consumer electronics product this year on Bing was Xbox, beating out PlayStation and Wii. 

What could be considered a surprise is that the PlayStation was the third most searched electonics product, not only trailing Xbox but the Kindle as well.

The Top 10 Most Searched Consumer Electronics according to Bing are:

  1. Xbox
  2. Kindle
  3. PlayStation
  4. iPhone 5
  5. iPad
  6. Wii
  7. iPad 2
  8. Nook
  9. Windows Phone 7
  10. Macbook Pro

While Bing is a large search engine, many want to know how the Xbox stacks up against the PlayStation from the leading search engine, Google.

The most popular search engine agrees with Bings results, according to Google Trends.

Above is the results when comparing the two searches, with Xbox as the red line and PlayStation as the blue line.  As you can see Xbox is the clear winner, with PlayStation searches surpassing it only during the time when the Sony PlayStation Network was hacked.