Xbox LIVE Gold members can now sign up for Ascend: New Gods beta

The Xbox 360 hasn't really had its share of Free-to-Play titles outside of Happy Wars. The studio behind Toy Soldiers, Signal Studios, is preparing a slightly more bold F2P game for the console, that aims to offer AAA quality gameplay with RPG aspects. Revealed at last year's Xbox 360 E3 press conference, Ascend: New Gods, is currently accepting closed beta sign ups for anyone with Xbox LIVE Gold memberships on the Ascend website.

While F2P games aren't exactly new to the console market, with PS3 having Dust 514 and Free Realms, and Happy Wars on the Xbox 360, it certainly hasn't found its footing as it did on the PC market. Depending on the success of Ascend: New Gods (and by success I obviously mean the cash revenue for micro-transactions) we might hopefully be seeing more and more studios willing to jump on the console wagon, and offer more experiences that are catered to the F2P market, whilst satisfying the hardcore crowd as well.

The delicate balance between offering in-game items for money and ensuring the game doesn't become pay to win will certainly make or break this game in the long run, but it seems as far as PC and console F2P games go, they do a good job to ensure none of that happens. Mobile games on the other hand… well that's a whole other rant entirely.

For this at PAX East in Boston, make sure to stop by booth #120 to check out Ascend: New Gods in action.

Key Features of Ascend: New Gods

  • Free to play on Xbox LIVE®
  • AAA-quality, third-person action RPG with customizable characters
  • Seamless mix of single and multiplayer gameplay
  • Dynamic landscape that changes beneath your feet as you claim territory for your God
  • Weekly and monthly Challenges between the three alignments sway the balance of the global Crusade
  • Random dungeon generator creates dynamic battle environments
  • Ascend your Caos Warrior to collect rewards and grow an army of Champions