Xbox LIVE down again, social and gaming services ‘limited’

For the second time this month, Xbox LIVE is experiencing problems. This time, it isn't with the "core services," but rather with the social aspect of gaming.

According to the Xbox LIVE status page, the following Xbox LIVE services are "limited" on both Xbox One and Xbox 360:

  • Accessing all game features
  • Capturing game videos
  • Joining other Xbox Live members in online games
  • Managing friends lists and tracking what friends are doing
  • Posting game performance or viewing the performance of other Xbox Live members

On the brightside, Microsoft is on top of the issue, assuring gamers "we are investigating the issue right now."

"Additionally, if your Xbox 360 Console is getting stuck on a black screen when trying to launch games or apps, hang in there! We are working toward a fix for this too. Thanks for your patience during this time. We'll provide an update for you as soon as we can."

Earlier this month, an issue with Xbox LIVE prevented Xbox One and 360 owners from logging into their account.