Xbox head suggests Game Pass could create opportunities for single-player games

More single-player Xbox games? Yes please.

Microsoft recently announced that all new Xbox exclusives would be releasing on the Xbox Game Pass service on their release day. According to Xbox’s head, Phil Spencer, this service might open the door for new single-player games.

A fan who asked whether Spencer sees Xbox Game Pass as an “opportunity to introduce unique and new experiences to users or it’s more or less just a subscription service with a great value?”

Spencer says that the service both an opportunity and a service with great value. The service presents an opportunity for the creation of new games, similar to how Netflix used the revenue from their streaming service to create original shows and movies.

“I see Xbox Game Pass as both.  The value is pretty obvious for some.  And the idea of a new model that could open up opportunities for creativity is where I think we’ll end up.  Especially for single-player games. That’s what the model has done in TV but it’s not an exact analogy.”

Spencer went on to note that Microsoft will lead the way with first-party games but revealed that the goal of Xbox Game Pass is for more studios to adopt it.

It’s not the first time that Spencer brought up TV streaming services. Back in October, Spencer noted that Xbox Game Pass can act the way Netflix does and can be available “across all of the devices” people play on.