Xbox head heads back to Japan to meet with ‘partners and team’

Hopefully a game comes out of this!

Xbox head, Phil Spencer, has revealed that he is back in Japan meeting with 'partners' and some 'team' members at Xbox Japan. One of the last times Spencer noted that he was in Japan, back in February 2017, he specified that he was speaking with third-party publishers and looking to get more Japanese games on the Xbox One after the success of Final Fantasy XV.

With Phil Spencer back in Japan, it looks like there could be more talks going on with those third-party publishers – which would be pretty nice for Xbox One owners. 

Earlier this year, when Spencer initially made a visit to Japan, there was a fuss around Xbox. At the time, Scalebound's cancellation was still fresh. Scalebound had been a game coming from a collaboration between the Japan-based Platinum Games and Xbox. After the fallout between Platinum and Xbox, Spencer remained steadfast, citing a need for the company to "take risks"

Perhaps this visit will bring a new partnership for Xbox owners to look forward to and hopefully not destroy with insurmountable hype.