Xbox Head calls Crackdown 3 delay “disappointing,” echoes developer comments on quality

The typical 'sad to see it delayed, but it's for the best.'

The Xbox One X's launch title, Crackdown 3, was officially delayed into 2018 yesterday, while the console it was meant to be launching with will continue to release on November 7th. The delay was detailed to be due to the developer's ambitions for the game, which will require more time to meet. 

Basically, the game's quality isn't up to par and it needs more time. 

The Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has spoken up on the delay, calling it a "disappointment" and supporting the developer's statement that the delay was to ensure the game's quality at release. 

It's unfortunate that the Xbox One X will not see the title released along with it, but a better game is worth the wait… Instead of getting a sub par game No firm release date for Crackdown 3 was given after the delay, just a 2018 release window.