Xbox Games Showcase announced for July 23rd

Focusing on First-Party titles

Microsoft has announced that the next Xbox Games Showcase will take place this month, July 23rd. After the recent Inside Xbox that offered the spotlight for third-party studios, this upcoming event will be centered all about Xbox’s own gaming studios and their titles for the Xbox Series X.

The cat and mouse play between Sony and Microsoft is heating up. After Microsoft steering the entire next-gen conversation for months, Sony put their put onto the tracks in a massive way last month. In their Future of Gaming event, Sony not only blew viewers away with the unveiling of the PS5 console design but the show was chock-full of exciting game reveals.

Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn once again to win over the mind share for next-gen with the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase. And as the title already implies, it’s all about games baby! The aspect Microsoft has been criticized the most. Microsoft and the Xbox team have a lot to prove after the somewhat disappointing Inside Xbox event that was lacking in both major game appearances and actual gameplay.

As such, we expect the Xbox Games Showcase to deliver on all fronts in those regards. After all, Microsoft openly admitted to its past mistakes and promised to improve according to fan feedback. And if it’s one thing Xbox gamers are yearning for, it’s mind-blowing first-party games. An area where the Xbox has been arguably struggling the most against its most direct competitor Sony.

With the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase focusing on the talent of the Xbox Game Studios, we are expecting major game announcements. One heavy hitter that is confirmed to make an appearance is Halo Infinite. Arguably the biggest Xbox Series X launch title that is also poised to take the iconic franchise into an interesting new direction. But there are plenty more surprises left with which we could be surprised.