Xbox E3 2016 teaser reportedly leaks ahead of scheduled release

So many flashing lights, so much nothing.

Following a number of rumors housed in an Xbox focused Reddit thread on potential E3 spoilers, a teaser for Microsoft's E3 2016 event has been leaked. Now, it should be noted that the video – as well as any information regarding the E3 2016 event for Microsoft is all unconfirmed and is simply rumor.

With that being said, you can watch the supposed E3 teaser for Microsoft in the video above (or here if that video is removed)… Fair warning, the video has lots of flashing lights and some pretty awful music.

The teaser itself reveals nothing except everything we already knew, like the time and date of the event.

The potential spoilers for E3 2016, which were reported to be found in the Xbox API by Pups x Reloaded, can be found below:

  • A new Battletoads is in development (possibly by Rare or in co-development with Rare and another studio)
  • Sea of Thieves' MMO feature will be more like The Division/Destiny
  • Foza Horizon 3 will be set in Australia
  • General RAAM for Killer Instinct
  • Age of Empires will be getting some type of announcement – possible new game
  • Halo Wars 2 Beta, no cross-play mentioned
  • Microsoft might be working on a new online zombie game (perhaps State of Decayor Dead Rising)
  • The 'Anniversary Update' will have its major features listed during E3 and might be made available.

Without confirmation from Microsoft, this is all pure conjecture.

I hope that's a fake teaser, otherwise it's nearly seizure inducing. Also, I don't know if I can trust the rumored spoilers… A new Battletoads? Hah.