Xbox Dashboard Update: How to Revert to the Original Netflix UI

The recently released Xbox 360 dashboard update introduced a ton of cool, new features.  It implemented cloud saving, Kinect functionality, and much more!  But despite its intended sleeker design, many are complaining about one particular feature that changed for the worse: Netflix.  This is one feature that fans want to return to the older version.

Thanks to a user on the gamefaqs forums, you can now get your original Netflix UI back! The user has posted a step-by-step guide to revert back to the older interface.

Many of the key "problems" and complaints aren't necessarily about the look, but the functionality.  Complaints include slower scrolling, episodes automatically playing, less episode/movie info, and removed party features.

Here are the steps to return your Netflix back to the original UI.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in and click "Your Account" in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down and click "Manage Netflix ready devices and computers"
  4. Click the "Disconnect Devices" button. Confirm decision when asked.
  5. Push the guide button on your 360 controller, then go left and click the "Quickplay" option
  6. Go two spaces to the right and it will list all of your available Quickplay choices. Scroll down and click Netflix.
  7. Netflix will give you a code which you must enter here

I haven't personally tested this, but many users on the Gamefaqs forum are confirming that it works.  Not only does it return back to the original state, but according to some posters the party features return as well!

If you do attempt to try this, please let us know how it works out for you.  It's not certain how long this option will be made available so if you want to live in the past a little longer, give it a shot.

For those bothered by those annoyed by the newly displayed ads, we have also found a way to remove those from your Xbox dashboard as well.  Find out how to remove those ads here.