Xbox congratulates PlayStation on Uncharted 4

Make console love, not console war

Phil Spencer, one of the biggest names at Xbox, has sent his official congratulations to PlayStation and Naughty Dog on making Uncharted 4, congratulations to another console's exclusive title.

Spencer continues to lead the way by showing that hating other consoles is just stupid. In the past he has called out fanboys for not being real gamers by saying "Those who hope for team to fail due to platform aren't real gamers." He has been at the forefront of making more games available on more platforms, and he and the rest of Xbox are open for cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation. Now he has congratulated the PlayStation 4 exclusive Uncharted 4 for being the amazing game that it is.

This civilized exchange of pleasantries basically shows that the Console War that has been going on between different consoles since the early 1980's are finally over, at least between the companies pushing the consoles.

Uncharted 4 is set to release on May 10, but some lucky souls got their copies two whole weeks in advance.