Xbox 360 Users Reporting Lag Following Skyrim 1.2 Patch

In the latest round of Skyrim glitches and bugs following the recent 1.2 update, Xbox 360 users are reporting lag and freezing issues on their console.  Those who have invested a good amount of time in the game are said to be experiencing lag issues similar to what PS3 users encountered after release due to long-term play.

Now that PlayStation 3 lag has been solved, thanks to the 1.2 update, Xbox 360 users are reporting lag problems.  Up until now, Xbox 360 users have faced several glitches, but none as game-breaking as the infamous lag issue that has plagued many.  The Skyrim 1.2 patch fixed the reported texture issues for when the game was installed to the hard drive, but also broke the game's magic resistance and Dragon flying in return.  The magic resistance glitch was first reported by PS3 users, but was also confirmed by Xbox 360 gamers on the forums.

In a thread that warns players to not install the 1.2 patch, you can add this recent lag issue to the list.

Overall, the Skyrim 1.2 patch has been an unsuccessful one, with many stating it actually breaks the game more than it helps it and warning to install it at your own risk.  While Bethesda has issued a statement acknowleding incoming fixes to the magic resistance glitch and backwards flying dragons, I doubt they caught this issue, if there really is one, early enough to fix it with the upcoming patch.

Bethesda has confirmed a new Skyrim update coming this week, with it appearing first on PC.  It is expected to hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this week.  Among the fixes include magic resistance not calculating properly and the backwards flying dragon.  As of right now, Bethesda hasn't confirmed nor denied the Xbox 360 freezing issue, but already stated that they'll continue to release updates for the game – "through full title updates, as well as incremental 'gameplay updates' to fix whatever issues come up along with rebalancing portions of the game for difficulty or exploits."

According to, "The reason for the lag just now showing up on the Xbox 360 is said to be due to the differences between how each console uses its RAM. The PS3 splits its 512MB of RAM between the OS and for use by games, where the Xbox 360 has a dedicated 512MB for games."

This could very well be an isolated incident, but if it turns out to be something much bigger, expect Bethesda to release a fix as quickly as possible following this week's update.

Have you experienced any lag/freezing issues on the Xbox 360 since the release of the 1.2 update?