Xbox 360 game releases for May 2014

The list of Xbox 360 games releasing this month doesn't differ too much from that of its successor, Xbox One. The only difference between the two systems is the release of Bound by Flame for Xbox 360. Other than that, the rest of the month consists of just Wolfenstein: The New Order and Watch Dogs. Below is the list of Xbox 360 games due out in May 2014.


Bound by Flame

This one is strange because Bound by Flame is skipping out on the Xbox One. I guess that's fine if you still own an Xbox 360, but for those who upgraded you are out of luck.

In Bound by Flame, you play as a mercenary possessed by a flame demon, tasked with saving the world from destruction caused by a massive evil army led by the seven ice lords. It's basically your straightforward action-RPG — skill trees, lots of loot, and tons of monsters to slay. What's unique, however, is the game's combat system which lets you isntantly switch between two stances (Fighter with heavy weapons, and Ranger with dual wield daggers) and use with either stance some destructive pyromancer powers.


Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order takes place in the 1960s, in an alternate universe in which the Nazis won World War II using mysterious, advanced technology. With the Nazi regime ruling over the world, it's up to you — B.J. Blazkowicz — to launch a counter-offensive. Whether by stealth or by force, you must infiltrate Nazi strongholds and battle legions of enemies in an attempt to bring down the Nazi regime.

While at PAX East we had a chance to go hands-on with Wolfenstein: The New Order and came away impressed. Though we recognize this first-person shooter may not appeal to everyone, a perk for pre-ordering means access to the beta for the new Doom game (formerly referred to as Doom 4). Bethesda hasn't yet announced when the beta will begin, but prior to its start Bethesda will email pre-order customers with additional info.

WATCH DOGS – MAY 27, 2014

Watch Dogs

After what feels like an eternity, Watch Dogs is finally releasing this month. And though it's coming to Xbox 360, most of the early footage we've seen has been on PC or PlayStation 4, so I have my reservations. Nevertheless, if Xbox 360 is the only platform you own, then this is probably a game you are going to want to get. Set in the interconnected city of Chicago, where a central network of computers connects everyone and everything, you play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker with a criminal past set out to get revent on those responsible for a family tragedy. Armed with a smartphone, Pearce is able to hack into the Central Operating System (ctOS) and the turn city into his weapon. At a recent Ubisoft hosted event, we were able to go hands on with both the single player and multiplayer portions of Watch Dogs.