XBLIG title Chester lands on PC

Xbox Live Indie Games has become notorious for featuring some truly magnificent games that unfortunately went unnoticed by the masses. Cthulhu Saves the World was a prime example of this. Thankfully, Zeboyd Games' comedy RPG was eventually released on Steam and boasted some impressive sales.

One game I never heard about until just recently is Chester. If you've never heard of the game yourself, you should definitely check out this trailer. Seriously, it's an indie game fan's wet dream.

Chester has just landed on PC, and you can currently download it for $8.99. That price will only last a limited time, because the game will soon be priced at $9.99. Still affordable, and really, developer Brilliant Blue-G deserves that extra buck.

Chester allows you to plays as different characters with different abilities, and you can even switch scenes, in the process affecting the environment around you. Here's hoping the game arrives on Steam soon. There's no doubt Brilliant Blue-G could get some serious coins if it released the game on Valve's digital download platform, and it would definitely be a perfect fit.