WWE 2K18 has loot crates but they’re not available through microtransactions

A win for gamers.

One of the biggest issues plaguing the gaming industry is microtransactions. It's a business model that supports a game financially months and even years after release. It has its pros and cons but if done right, can be beneficial to both the consumer and developer/publisher.

For instance, Grand Theft Auto V has had four years worth of free DLC that has kept the game alive and well thanks to players buying lots of in-game currency. Some of the items in the free DLC have been a bit hard to attain in-game since they cost so much in-game currency but it's not impossible to get.

Some games have items that are only accessible through in-game loot crates which randomly generate gear such as weapons, armor, and other items that can benefit you in a variety of ways. Call of Duty has guns that are locked behind microtransactions and even if you do put up some money to get extra loot crates, you're not guaranteed the gun that you may be aiming for

While most games are actively trying to find ways to incorporate this system, 2K Games will be skipping it entirely with WWE 2K18. Players can gain loot boxes in the game but only by progressing and earning them from actually playing. There will be no way to purchase them with real money at all, easing the concerns of many players. We were able to also verify this when we went hands-on with WWE 2K18 at an event just recently.

Sometimes developers make it really difficult to earn loot boxes through natural means and offer players the ability to purchase them to "speed up their progression" but 2K Games won't be cheating their players. The developer was under fire last month for their other major sports franchise, NBA 2K. NBA 2K18 uses a type of currency called "Virtual Currency" and the way it was implemented affected major aspects of the core gameplay and game design, causing a major uproar in the community.

WB is also in hot water after revealing that their upcoming single-player only Lord of the Rings game, Shadow of War, will include microtransactions. The business model is usually featured in online games but WB has decided to feature it in their single-player game, making them come off as greedy to some players.

WWE 2K18 will drop on October 17th, 2017.