WWE ’13 trailer leaks, shows new destructive gameplay

A trailer for WWE '13 has hit the internet. While THQ hasn't released the video officially, it seems plenty of folks have already gotten their paws all over it, as it is now making its rounds on YouTube.

The trailer seems to be exactly what we've come to expect from the WWE series of wrestling games. The tagline is "Revolution Is Coming," indicating that this new game will be touted as an improved entry in the franchise … just like every WWE game before it.

I enjoyed WWE '12 greatly, awarding it an 8/10 score in my review. That said, I'm not sure if the series can stay on that path of success. Sure, the last game was great, but the WWE games aren't exactly known for being consistently awesome.

Still, it would appear that CM Punk is the main face of WWE '13, and I can't argue with that. The dude has been on fire and is one hell of a WWE Champion. To check out some of the features in the upcoming grappler — such as new outside attacks and ring-breaking chicanery — check out the trailer above. Here's hoping it isn't taken down by THQ.

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