Wreck-It Ralph gets a flash-based game

Disney has launched a new flash-based game based on the fictional arcade title shown in its upcoming movie Wreck-It Ralph.

Fix-It Felix Jr., as the game is called, is reminiscent of old-school arcade games. It requires Felix to hope from ledge to ledge to fix broken or open windows, collect pies, and avoid Ralph's falling bricks and angry ducks. It'll remind you of Donkey Kong.

The game is created as a tie-in promotion with the upcoming film, Wreck-It Ralph, whose announcement trailer last week caught the attention of gamers everywhere. The film focuses on the game's "villain", Ralph, who is tired of being overshadowed by the "good guy" star of the game Fix-It Felix. Fed up with doing the same thing day after day and playing the role of bad guy, Ralph takes matters into his own hands and sets off on a game-hopping journey across the arcade.

Along the way, or at least shown in the trailer, Ralph encounters some recognizable characters from some of the industry's most popular games like Bowser, Zangief, Bison.

You can play Fix-It Felix Jr. and learn more about the upcoming Disney film Wreck-It Ralph here.