World War II Online Announcement


JUST IN… Since the game’s release, Strategy First has been inundated with
reports of line-ups outside major retailers, people sending multiple copies to
friends and families abroad, and even making plans to meet on the virtual
battlefield once they log on. Retail managers are also reporting that
"they haven’t seen such excitement over a game in 10 years."


TO ENLIST… Although members of the team expected the game to be successful,
the response from gamers all over North America has been far greater than
anyone anticipated, especially after only one day on retail shelves. We
expected sales of over a hundred thousand copies over the next few months but
were surprised and delighted to discover that almost a third of our projected
sales were reached on the first day! As a result, the Playnet servers are
temporarily affected and are we are in the process of trying to accommodate
the amount of traffic that are attempting to register.


TO GO…WHERE’S THE BATTLE? With the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the
game’s release, we have also received reports that people are experiencing
problems getting into the game. This is NOT a software related problem. Rather
it is a hardware issue. Cornered Rat Software has determined the problem and
is in the process of addressing it. Network hardware supporting the game
servers is being reconfigured to address the loads. Playnet expects to
increase capacity very shortly. This will result in the drastic increase in
the number of players able to login. Strategy First has set up a forum on
that will post official news and updates on the progress of the situation from
members of the development team.


EQUIPPED… Like the real World War II, this experience will continue to
evolve as the war unfolds. A game such as World War II Online has never been
done before. It is the first time that a game of this magnitude will support
thousands of simultaneous players worldwide. This persistent environment will
allow players to play in a truly cross-genre game that combines first person
shooter, role-playing, strategy and simulation game play in one unique


with War, conditions change and evolve over time. New battles are fought, new
territories conquered, and new weapons and vehicles added. The same holds true
for World War II Online. The patch contains new terrain, weapons and vehicles
that are true to the time. Members of the development team wanted to ensure
that those recent additions were included in the first release. The nature of
online gaming allows for such adjustments, improvements and additions to be
made during the game’s life cycle. This is what makes online gaming such a
dynamic genre.

thank players for their patience and their support. We will continue our
efforts to ensure that the game is the best experience for all gamers.



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