World of Goo Getting iPhone Port

Make no mistake about it: World of Goo is easily one of the most well-known indie games out there. After making its rounds on WiiWare and PC, the physics-based puzzler landed on the iPad a few months ago. Now another portable device from Apple will be graced with World of Goo’s presence.

Yesterday, 2D Boy announced that they had submitted the enjoyable puzzler to the App Store. The title is currently awaiting approval, but it’s safe to say that World of Goo will have no trouble finding a spot. After all, it has garnered mass critical acclaim.

World of Goo will cost $0.99 on its iPhone launch day, but the price will be raised to $2.99 the following day. Additionally, iPhone owners who previously downloaded the iPad version of the game will be able to acquire the new iPhone installment free of charge. 2D Boy, you’re so generous!

It’s good to see 2D Boy getting their name out there and releasing multiple ports of World of Goo for various platforms. Hopefully, this prompts the indie developer to release World of Goo 2. If not, I hope they at least work on a new game that exudes the visual charm that made World of Goo stand out.