World Championship Poker 2: Clearing up the Confusion

June 14, 2007

World Championship Poker 2: Clearing up the

Owing to some confusion regarding the different
appellations for the European releases of World Championship Poker 2 and World
Championship Poker 2: All In, Oxygen Games™ is keen to clarify the situation.

World Championship Poker 2: All In for the Xbox
360™ videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft is a different game from
that of the other formats (PC, PSP® and Playstation®2) and builds on the success
of its predecessor (World Championship Poker 2), with enhanced graphics &
refined gameplay.

WCP2: All In features all of the favorite poker
games such as Texas Hold’em and Five-Card Stud, plus more globally exotic games
like Deuce-to-Seven, Triple Draw and Razz. All variants can be played on or
offline and players are able to create unique avatars to represent themselves
through their ascent to gambling glory! Likenesses, play styles and signature
personality traits of six of the world’s best professional poker players also
feature in this version.

Other new features include; webcam support,
enhanced AI, Scenario play (to hone one’s skills), Multi-table online
tournaments, mixed-games, poker rule customization, a reputation system and new
gaming environments. World Championship Poker 2: All In also makes excellent use
of Xbox Live Leaderboards and Xbox Live Vision.

The PSP® version, in addition to also offering
online multiplayer options for up to eight players (also available for PS2® and
PC), also offers several format-exclusive mini games, including:

  • Flop Odds – the player gets certain hold
    cards, plus a target hand type and has to figure out the percentage chance of
    getting the specified hand when the board cards would be shown
  • Know the Nuts – the player is shown the
    community cards for a hand and then given the option to select the hole cards
    they need to make the best hand
  • Hold’em Nicknames – players are prompted with
    a nickname for a set of cards and have to use the directional buttons to match
    up the suit and value of each card with the specified nickname
  • Tell Quiz – the player is given multiple
    choice questions that will train them to spot opponents tells
  • Know Your Outs – in this game, the player is
    shown their hole cards, the community cards and a guess as to what the
    opponent has. Based on this information, they must try to figure out the exact
    numbers of ‘outs’ (the number of specific cards that can help to beat
  • Glossary Quiz – The player will be given
    multiple choice questions about Poker game terminology

In addition, for all formats, there are in-game
tutorials for each Poker variant.

World Championship Poker 2 for PSP and World
Championship Poker 2: All In for Xbox 360 are both due for release in July 2007.