World of Warplanes Fighters class unveiled today unveiled its Fighters class for flight combat MMO action game World of Warplanes.

Fighters are one of the three main classes of warbirds that will "slice deadly skies".  Similar to their real-life counterparts, Fighters in World of Warplanes are best at offensive reconnaissance, engaging in one-on-one dogfights, and attacking in groups of two or three.

"People love fighters for the freedom they give," said World of Warplanes producer Anton Sitnikau of the Fighters class. "They have tremendous speed coupled with superb nimbleness that make them a hard target yet a deadly threat for other classes."

Fighters will be available to all nations in World of Warplanes: U.S., Germany, and the Soviet Union.  They will be represented by the "most famous warplane models" including the P-51 Mustang, P-39 Airacobra, La-5, and Bf 109.

World of Warplanes is currently in its global alpha, withmore than 100,000 applicants in 24 hours of opening.  Closed beta is "coming soon".