World of Warcraft’s last 10 years in a simple graphic

There's no denying World of Warcraft helped mold the MMORPG genre. But while the game's numbers may be shrinking in recent years, there's no denying its past success. World of Warcraft has had quite an influence on the gaming industry and that's evident by just how many people have played it.

Since it's debut in November 2004, World of Wacraft has seen over 100 million unique players. That's twice as many accounts as people living in South Korea, or as many as the populations of Germany, Belarus, and Sweden combined. What's more, the game is known and played in 244 countries and territories including Antarctica and Christmas Island (wtf?). Pretty powerful numbers.

World of Warcraft may not be the beast it once was, but with over 7 million subscribers the long-standing MMO is far from dead. I look forward to seeing this type of infographic again 10 years from now.

World of Warcraft infographic