World of Warcraft’s Diablo anniversary celebration comes with a secrete cow level


It's the 20th anniversary of Diablo and every Blizzard game is celebrating it in some fashion but the description on how their biggest game, World of Warcraft, would celebrate it was vague at best. But now one of the celebratory events added have been detailed!

World of Warcraft is bringing back the long running joke and much beloved "cow level" from Diablo II as a part of their 20th Diablo Anniversary. The Secret Cow Level was a hidden level in Diablo II populated by bipedal cows with polearms governed by the almighty Cow King. Over the years this level has become a running joke in various Blizzard games and tool tips saying "Cow level is a lie" popped up in Diablo III and references have been reoccurring easter eggs in most Blizzard games since its appearance in Diablo II.

The World of Warcraft recreation of the level itself was done pretty faithfully. To gain access to the level players will have to track down a treasure goblin, they spawn outdoors in the Broken Isles, in Legion dungeons, and in the Dalaran Sewers, and kill it before it escapes. Killing the goblin creates a portal which leads to the secret cow level. Upon arrival, players will be greeted by hostile bovines and the king of all cows. Killing the cow king drops a unique toy, the Twelve-String Guitar, which both grants the player the Diablo's 20th Anniversary achievement and adds a hellish touch with a cooldown of 66 minutes and 6 seconds.

The cow king and the treasure goblin also drops other Diablo themed such as the Livestock Lochaber Axe and the Scroll of Town Portal, though the cow king can only be looted once a day so collecting all items might be difficult before the event runs out on January 11th.

Source: Wowhead, Gamespot