World of Warcraft Dragon Soul Raid Gear Levels Announced

Ongoing tests for the newest patch 4.3 update to World of Warcraft have revealed the new item levels for gear acquired from the valor point vendors, along witht he loot dropped from Dragon Soul bosses.  With Dragon Soul, Blizzard is introducing a brand new tier in raids called Raid Finder, aimed at providing a new difficulty curve for new raiders and players who want to PUG these raids.

The new gear ilevels for Dragon Souls are:

  • Raid Finder drops ilevel 384 (a bit better than normal Firelands)
  • Normal Dragon Soul drops ilevel 397 (a bit better than heroic Firelands)
  • Heroic Dragon Soul drops ilevel 410 (the best of the best)

The new valor point vendors have a piece of armor for every slot, virtually eliminating the problem where only certain tier armor dropped.  You will now be able to fill every slot with new gear from valor points, but will not be able to purchase set pieces.  Boots and bracers will be Bind on Equip, allowing you the option to purchase these items with valor points and send them to alts, sell them on the AH, or help a friend.