World of Tanks Xbox One beta scheduled for this weekend

New mode created exclusively for the Xbox One

Wargaming has just announced the free-to-play multiplayer game World of Tanks will be holding a two-day beta this weekend, July 11-12. Players will be able to start downloading the beta build July 10th.

In addition all players that take part of the two day beta will receive all types of special bonuses ranging from the Premium Tier 3 M22 Locust light tank to 180,000 in silver plus an extra garage slot. For all players who login and play between 11:00 to 2:00 PST will receive double XP on all battles and receive a 2x Battle Operation to be used later on. The last bonus that Wargaming is offering to early beta testers will receive a free Premium light tank, the American tier ll T1E6-X1, emblazoned with an exclusive World of Tanks shield emblem, as well as an exclusive camouflage.

World of Tanks will also be getting a new mode on Xbox One: Proving Grounds, a PvE mode where you can use any tank in your Garage to tackle the challenges that follow and showcase your combat abilities against AI controlled enemies.

Proving Grounds contains four scenarios, each with friendly AI to assist, that resemble the combat modes found in Random Battles: Standard, Assault and Encounter. The last scenario is special because it's a boss fight! An enemy E-100 must be eliminated, and it's up to you and your AI allies to breakthrough the AI defenders and confront this tier X menace!

World of Tanks is set to release on July 28th and will be free to all Xbox users who have a Xbox Live subscription. For more information about World of Tanks on Xbox One and Xbox 360, including the Xbox One Beta Weekend, visit