World of Tanks update 8.1 rolls out today is celebrating Halloween with the release of the eagerly-awaited World of Tanks update 8.1, which sees the arrival of the Royal Tank Corps and an in-game graphics update.

The Royal Tank Corps includes 22 tanks, showcasing the "many and varied" designs fo the British tank engineers. Whether you prefer the nimble, accurate-hitting tanks or the slow-paced, hard-shelled mammoths, there's tanks for all playstyles. 

Update 8.1 also introduces three new premium machines: the Soviet SU-122-44 and two German bruisers: the Pz IV Schmalturm VI and the Panther-M10.

Lastly, the release includes an in-game graphics update and expands the rendering and lighting refit to four more battle arenas: Province, El Halluf, Dragon’s Ridge and Abbey. A number of map objects were reworked to fit the overhauled rendering and lighting system.