WordTrap Dungeon is a dungeon crawler that requires you to spell words to survive

Word-spelling games have been popping up a lot lately, and developer Crunching Koalas is looking to offer its own spin on the genre. WordTrap Dungeon is a dungeon crawler with RPG elements, but its base mechanics rely on spelling words, offering quite an intriguing combination of gameplay styles.

Players must traverse and explore dungeons while in first-person perspective. Upon encountering enemies, it's crucial to take the letters in your possession and spell out words. Doing so deals damaging attacks to your foes, and winning battles rewards you with new letters and health.

WordTrap Dungeon is in beta, and Crunching Koalas is looking for individuals to check out the current build and offer feedback. The final version of the game will feature a single-player campaign, and an Arena mode that challenges you to stay alive as long as possible.

While a specific launch date has yet to be announced, WordTrap Dungeon is scheduled for release sometime in Q2 2013. The game will be available on PC and Ouya, and the developers are looking into future iOS, Android, and Kindle releases.

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