Woot! Check out some gameplay from Mutant Mudds for PC

Mutant Mudds is being prepped for launch on PC download platforms this Thursday, and developer Renegade Kid is being a big tease. Studio co-founder Jools Watsham posted a a nice gameplay video on YouTube, further making me want the PC version of this beloved indie title.

Check out some sweet Grannie gameplay (below). It looks pretty challenging, which is exactly the way we want it, right? There seems to be a lot of precise platforming and tricky shooting, but all of it looks fair. You know what that means: If you die in the game, it's your own darn fault!

Mutant Mudds achieved a lot of success on the 3DS as an eShop download. Now that it's coming to PC with 20 new levels, we can probably expect an equal amount of popularity to surround the newest version of the game.

Watch out for Mutant Mudds on the Renegade Shop, GOG.com, Gamersgate, and Desura on August 30. Only two days away!

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