Wonderland Online: New Version 3.0 Coming Soon

November 12, 2008

Wonderland Online: New Version
3.0 Coming Soon

The Wonderland Online Team has
announced the release of the new version 3.0 and the new Scorpio server. They
will be released at the same time, November 13th EST (GMT-5), after the

For more details about version 3.0:


The new server-Scorpio has 3
branches, and to celebrate the release of the Scorpio Server, they will be
holding a series of events.

In-game Events:

  • King of the Newbie’s

  • "Forbes List"

  • 7-days of Double Exp

  • Leveling Made Easy

  • Scorpio Server Gift

Come join all the fun in Wonderland
Online! For more information, please visit