Witness early footage of SimCity 5 for yourself

Recently at GDC, EA and developer Maxis announced the next SimCity game would be arriving sometime in 2013. The companies published a few promotional screens, but nothing concrete.

Now, thanks to German PC site HWClips, everyone can preview what the upcoming game will look like in actual play. The footage reflects unfinished work and early designs, of course, but it brings us one step closer to the real thing.

The demonstration took place at another GDC talk today with Maxis, where the developer discussed the game's Glassbox engine. HWClips has posted four videos in all, detailing a range of content—from creation to customization.

You can watch the videos at the HWClips website.

Are you impressed by what you see so far? The use of full 3D, a first for the series, is immediately noticeable.

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