With Minecraft 1.8 Update Released, Devs Begin Work On Update 1.9

It hasn’t been long since the release of Minecraft 1.8, known as the “Adventure Update”. But in the gaming world, things move fast. So fast that Mojang developers have confirmed they are working on the new Minecraft 1.9 update, presumably for beta. Minecraft is set to “officially” launch this November, which could give room for at least one more update.

While no official details about 1.9 have been releases, Mojang’s Jens Bergenstein might have spilled the beans about some pretty important features.

“Gonna work on something that has been on my mind a long time: Minecraft’s armor system,” he said.

“The two small changes I’m making to armor is 1) slightly better durability and 2) simpler armor value calculation (not based on durability),” he continued, via Twitter.

We don’t know what else Mojang has in mind for the 1.9 update, but hopefully it’s not as big of a letdown as the Endermen.

Meanwhile, for the game’s official launch in November, Mojang will host MineCon, the first official Minecraft convention. If you’re lucky enough to attend, they’ll be giving away Scrolls and Cobalt alpha codes there.