With enough support, Capcom might remake Resident Evil 2

Capcom isn't planning to revisit Raccoon City in the hours before its destruction, but with a little push from fans, it might consider the idea — at least according to producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi.

Hirabayashi told GamesSpot, "We are not working on a Resident Evil 2 remake as of now. But if the fans really clamor for it — if there's a groundswell of support for remaking that game — then I think that's something Capcom would take under consideration."

In 2002, Capcom remade the classic 1996 original for GameCube, and the result was a huge success. It's not a stretch to think that fans of the "REmake" would vocalize their excitement over another.

The next entry in the series, Resident Evil 6, is due out on October 2 — over a month ahead of its expected release date. Capcom is not developing the game for Wii U, and development for PC is only just underway. Hirabayashi said fans can expect more news about the PC version once the game has shipped for consoles.

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