Wishlist feature planned for Xbox Store


It looks like Xbox gamers can look forward to a long awaited feature heading to the Xbox Store! While no release date has been revealed, a 'Wishlist' feature will be added to the Xbox Store. Replying to the inquisitive Xbox fan on Twitter, Xbox Head Phil Spencer detailed that the feature would make its way to the Xbox Store. 

"The feature is on our list of things we are going to add."

In addition to that, Spencer addressed the fact that recently, Xbox exclusives haven't been very balanced as far as releases go. Last year, most releases fell into Fall.

"Last 12 months shipped in April (QB), Sept, Oct, Dec, Feb (HW2). Ship dates aren't easy but I agree on need to balance."

With Project Scorpio on the horizon, Microsoft has made it clear that they will be beefing up their exclusives lineup, saying it's critical for the upcoming console. So far, they have teased a big lineup for their E3 2017 conference, which will be taking place Sunday, June 11th.