Windows Phone gets Final Fantasy

The five people that own a Windows Phone can rejoice; they can now play a game from 1987 on it. Over the weekend, Final Fantasy was released on the Windows Phone for the price of $6.99. It is based on the iOS version. If by the off chance you own a Windows Phone and want to be able to play Final Fantasy, your device needs to be running Mango or newer (the OS version, not the actual fruit), and you'll be happy to know that the game supports four languages: English, French, Chinese and Japanese.

I've never played the original Final Fantasy, as I wasn't really introduced to the series until Final Fantasy VII — which was a pretty good time to start playing. So if you want to either relive the 1987 experience or want to try it for the first time, you now have the opportunity.

Also, if you want to see a comment thread gone crazy, head over to the Joystiq article covering the same news (yea, I go to Joystiq, and I got this news from there. Consider this my source noting). Their comment thread has turned into a Windows vs Android, emulator vs buying, thief or not with piracy chain of trolling.

It's rather amusing and can get you through your mid-day Monday lull.

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