Win a Minecraft-themed Xbox 360 at Minecon

This week it was announced that Minecraft was coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 in the Spring of 2012.  While Microsoft has revealed a few details about the console version of Minecraft, the majority of information is being kept under wraps, at least until Minecon in November. 

As the name suggests, Minecon is the first ever convention dedicated to all things Minecraft (and Mojang).  At the even fans will be gathering to celebrate the official launch of the "full" PC version of Minecraft.  Mojang will also be showing off their newest game, Scrolls, which will have a playable demo. But most recently, it was announced that the Minecraft Xbox 360 version, dubbed Minecraft 360, will also be playable at Minecon, giving fans the first ever hands-on experience with the new console version of Minecraft.

Of course, Minecon is a convention, and that means tons of swag, free sh*t, and contests!  That means a free chance to win your very own Minecraft-themed Xbox 360!!!  That's right, the only thing better than playing Minecraft on your console is playing it on your brand new Minebox 360!  At Minecon, Curse will be hosting the Diamond Deposit Scavenger-Hunt drawing sweepstakes. 

In addition to the custom Minecraft-themed Xbox 360, prizes include:

  • Ultimate Razer Gaming Accessories Pack – x4 (includes Mamba gaming mouse, Vespula gaming mouse mat, Blackwidow Ultimate gaming keyboard, Megalogon gaming audio)
  • Intel Solid-State Drive – x4
  • $100 J!NX gift certificate – x5
  • Sony Ericsson will be providing a Minecraft-branded Xperia play

and more!  Of course, I don't know exactly how much more, but you can bet there will be tons of cool crap given away for free.