Will You Be Able to Beat Minecraft? Notch Hints at “Winning” The Game

Every adventure must come to an end.  At least that's what Notch's tweet over the weekend suggested. 

Notch asked his Twitter followers on Sunday, "Are YOU a talented writer (famous is a plus ;D) who wants to write a silly over-the-top out-of-nowhere text for when you win Minecraft?"

Whether or not Notch is seriously considering hiring a writer, one has to wonder if he really is planning for players to be able to beat Minecraft.  Minecraft has prided itself on being a completely open sandbox game, but Notch has added more and more adventure-themed updates.  From item enchantments, to potion brewing, to an experience system, to newer and harder mobs, Minecraft's recent flurry of updates suggest a more adventure-themed Minecraft is heading our way.

How does one "win" at Minecraft?  What is the "end" of an open-world adventure game?  If I had to guess on an "end" level I would assume it's the new End dimension, home of the Endermen and Enderdragons.  Maybe getting into that dimension is "winning" because as co-developer Jens Bergensten stated, the only way out of The End is the end.  And then you respawn.

Perhaps Notch is looking for a silly way for players to die in The End dimension and then respawn from scratch.  That seems to make the most sense.  After all, when one adventure ends, a new one begins.  And if we've learned anything, nobody actually "wins" in Notch's Minecraft.

There will always be Creative mode, but for fans interested in Survival mode, would you like to see the game made win-able?