Will North America get Ni no Kuni: All-in-One Edition?

On July 19, Japan will get a special collected (not collector's) edition of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Titled Ni no Kuni: All-in-One Edition, the set will include the main game plus all DLC released post-launch.

In addition to all that snazzy content, All-in-One Edition will also feature some extras, the most notable of which is a brand new easy difficulty setting. Level-5 is also throwing in new Imagine creatures for good measure. No word on what other added bonuses, if any, will make it onto the disc.

For gamers who would rather stay sheltered within the confines of their dwellings, a digital version of All-in-One Edition will also be available the same day for the exact same price. Personally, if I'm going to pay the same price for something, I'll just go out and get the physical version. Materialism for the win!

Gamers who shelled out the cash for Ni no Kuni at launch will be treated to a free download that upgrades their game to the All-in-One Edition. That's mighty nice of Level-5! Why can't other game companies be that nice?

Ni no Kuni is set to launch for PlayStation 3 here in North America on January 13 next year. I wonder if Level-5 will release all of the game's post-launch DLC and then release All-in-One Edition. Meh, even if the company does that, I'm still totally getting the game at launch.


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