Will Beyond Good & Evil 2 Launch This Console Generation?

Remember when Ubisoft's Michel Ancel said Beyond Good & Evil 2 wouldn't launch this console generation? According to Ancel, the game would have to be released sometime during the next generation of consoles due to "technical issues." His exact response when asked if it was really due to technical drawbacks: "Yeah, yeah, that's the reason."

Well, rumors are a-buzzin', folks! According to "some sources" who most likely want to remain anonymous (don't they all?), Beyond Good & Evil 2 may in fact launch this console generation. Now, these are rumors, so don't get too excited just yet.

CVG reports that these sources fed information to the masses in the latest issue of Xbox World magazine. The publication states that "some sources are saying we'll see it this generation rather than next."

Whether these sources and this rumor hold any validity remains to be seen. It would be nice, though, if Beyond Good & Evil 2 was indeed released for the current generation of consoles. After all, we would hate for that trailer we saw in 2008 to be for naught.