WildStar wants to share their special sauce with you, ability mechanics

I still remain a huge fan of these WildStar DevSpeak videos. For humor’s sake, check out the disclaimer at the beginning. You won’t get Rick Rolled this time, I promise. The theme of this DevSpeak is based around ability mechanics, or as they like to call “special sauce.”

What are ability mechanics you ask? Imagine all the skills you’ve already learned but now actually added practically. WildStar is sick of the ole press, charge up, and channel attacks featured in every MMO. Instead, you’ll be moving, holding, firing in bursts, and double tapping all during combat. Let’s be honest, you’ll spend most your time in combat in this game.

Don’t believe me? How about you check out the video below then you naysayer you, for shame. No Rowsdower were harmed in the making of this video.